Wednesday, November 08, 2006

interview the second

hey kids. monroe interview number two is up at newsarama.

it's been kind of a crappy week, so why not swing by and say something nice.

my ego is just that fragile...


Amanda Earl said...

nice things...easy to say...from the colour green to the nose and eyes here, i like, even though i'm more of a word person.(couldn't you tell from this very articulate comment?)

Otter said...

Seems like a good interview. As usual, your answers amused me. And they did get your name right, which is always nice.

deakat said...

Fun interview. I'm looking forward to Twice Dead, horror fan that I am.

Anonymous said...

you are an outrageously funny man, Tom :))) Thank God you have a ton of talent too

-viktor kalvachev

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