Thursday, October 30, 2008

mysterius... (or whoring it up pt. 2)...

this month's previews catalogue features three pages of mysterius in fabulous mccaigorama! go bug your comic store guy if he doesn't order it by the crate full that the waves of your bodies will crash upon his store front!

say it just like that.

he'll have to order it... because eventually that would get hard to step over.

anyway, here are the pages in glorious and silent black and white...

the same coloured pages are also available here on this fancy french website (thanks marv).


Shane White said...

Freakin' hell...that's what it is! Sweet strokes, man, and I love the brushwork as well.


tomfowler said...

thanks shane.

... and now you see why it's been forever between posts!

i wrote months ago that i didn't want to post nothing but monroe, but as mysterius has been more or less top secret until now, i didn't have anything else to post.

that said, i've posted just about everything i'm allowed to from mysterius... so expect a return to the norm...

Indecisive said...

Surely I need to get my eyes checked - I read that as a French Fries site - or maybe I'm just hungry?
As for the mother: that was a remarkable depiction of someone I know! kudos.

boy said...

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