Wednesday, February 04, 2009

mysterius in new york and on the cbc...

leaving today for the new york comicon, but yesterday (feb. 3rd) i did an interview for the cbc's "all in a day", in which i sparkled wittily, and managed not to sound like too much of an idiot.

(although you can hear me sniffling through the whole thing, so those of you opposed to dribble, be warned...)

if you're at the nycc this weekend, stop by and say hi. here's my schedule:

1:30-2:30pm: PANEL – WildStorm: After World’s End (Room 1A23)
3-4pm: SIGNING - DC/WildStorm booth

12-1pm: SIGNING - DC/WildStorm booth

i'd like to also take this opportunity to thank all my friends at the beguiling and all my new friends at isotope for having me and making me feel so welcome. (also thanks to viktor, nick, and kevin respectively for giving me somewhere to sleep in the bay area... and ALSO big thanks to my brother, my folks, and our friend martin for putting out fires and helping out monique on the home front while i was away, it was veeeeeeeeeerry much appreciated.)

for some pictures of the isotope show go here. though, i think it would be best if people just stopped taking my picture.


Anonymous said...

veryy goood really good but i like it monroeeee he is toooooo hoooooooooot really I want to marry with monroe...awwww.
your draws are cool you are the best yay well bye kisses

Anonymous said...

whoa misterious are...misterious it´s so cool that comic and too monroe he is weird but cute

ken said...
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ken said...

tom fowler...i remeber a tom this is him?

tomfowler said...

vicky, andres, thanks very much. out of curiosity how are you seeing my work in mexico? is it just online?

ken! how you doing, dude?

ken said...

hey tom! I'm good how are you?...I' m liven in the east side...hope your good..your art blows my mind man...i bought my fist mad comic since i was 15 cause i saw your art in it...that was neato!

tomfowler said...

if only i could have convinced you to buy a couple of thousand more, we could still be a monthly...

shoot me an email sometime. we'll beer.