Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mysterius round up (includes monsters, hippies, and poets...)

a few new links for you:

jeff and i would like to thanks the always congenial aaron and evie for having us on the their awesome awesomed by comics podcast the other night. i managed to be slightly less offensive in this outing than i was last week on ajax. jeff, though, goes on a 48 minute long racist tirade that will hurt you soul. good times.

also i just yesterday discovered sporty heidi (the beat) macdonald had linked to a an interview that i'd done with my good friend, slightly feral poet rob mclennan, just before MYSTERIUS' release. i'd forgotten to post it here so now i'm posting both.

also, as some of you are aware we put together a promotion with online comics retailer DCBS for MYSTERIUS. these ten adorable, smiling monsters were randomly inserted into the books as they shipped.

i hope they're all happy in their new homes.


Jordie Bellaire said...

Adorable little things!

Mike Hawthorne said...

I love these so bad!!

Garrett Hanna said...

These are all amazing.