Thursday, December 30, 2010

help!!! i've lost my commissions list!!!...

... so i sat down today with the intention of starting to burn through my now rather extensive commissions backlog and discovered that i'd lost my master list. the list that included all the names/subjects/contacts/prices.


IF YOU ARE ON THIS LIST please email me at bigbug1(at)rogers(dot)com with the headline "COMMISSION" and remind me of your name, address, the subject (who is?/ what big?/ colour or b/w?), and the price we agreed on.

this isn't an opening for new commissions (although i will be opening that door again once i've knocked enough of these to make the list manageable again).

thanks for your help and your patience. i apologize for the breakdown in studio organization.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


... from everyone at TEAM FOWLER.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

montreal mini-con...

first the art:

a VERY recent batman/etrigan commission:

...and last night's superman twart that people seemed to enjoy:

i'll be appearing tomorrow, among others, at the montreal mini-con at place bonaventure. i hope to see you there.

("you" being my montreal peeps...)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

an interview and some twarts...

first the twarts. my last two weeks worth...


and mr. jonah hex:

i'm very happy to report that my vernissage at montreal's LA GALLERY was a success. monique and i had a wonderful time and i'm very much looking forward to being a part of upcoming shows both there and their paris location.

while i was there i had the pleasure of doing an interview with the aptly named local radio show "les Mystérieux étonnants". the show's in french, but you can listen to the unedited interview here in it's entirety.

Monday, November 22, 2010

art show at LA GALLERY de MONTREAL...

i'll be there signing, selling, and sniffling.

more details about the show plus all of my art for sale can be found la gallery's website here.

please spread it around. and if you're in the montreal area on friday come by and say hi!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

doc savage...

... he didn't go to 7 years of savage medical school for you to call him "MR."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dames and monsters...

i'm a guest at ECCC this year, so jim asked me to contribute to their charity auction/book.

Monday, November 08, 2010

flash commission...

barry allen's a nerd.

...and i've got a new tumblr thinger. so... i don't know, go there or something.

Friday, November 05, 2010

save the date...

just found this "save the date" card i did recently over at ifanboy's weekly sketchup. while i'm always flattered and thankful whenever anything of mine winds up over there, the colours seemed really blown out for some reason. so here it is again in all of it's none-blown-out glory:

...and congratulations to mike and maja!

EDIT: it's been fixed now over at ifanboy, so it no longer looks like a black light poster. thanks josh.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


people seem to be very much enjoying this over at comictwart, so i thought i'd post it over here too.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

war rockets, marvel twarts, and 888 pools of dead...

first the art:
it's "what if the twarts ran marvel" week over at comictwart. not having time to participate with one piece i of course did two. perennial favourite rocket raccoon (above) and new love man-thing (below). the latter also coloured by fellow twartist nathan fairbairn. all the specific details are over there so please take a look.

i also sat in on war rocket ajax the other night and, in a shocking departure from the norm, managed to behave myself (mostly). go take a listen as chris, euge, jen vaughn and i talk about scooby doo, vaginas, and wrestling.

speaking of, deadpool team-up #888 came out today. written by cullen bunn, coloured by the aforementioned mr. fairbairn and drawn by me. you can see the preview here. the rest is ben grimm wrasslin' an alien for 20 pages. i'll post a couple of black and white pages from it in a few days, but in the meantime go buy it.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

a couple more NYCC sketches, and monsters and stuff...

just a few more before i get on a plane tomorrow.

and this, my contribution to comictwart's KETCHUP week, will be getting auctioned off as part of comic alliance's CBLDF auction.

please pay lots of money for it and help some people out.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

NYCC pre-ordered sketches...

here's the first batch...

... more as they're finished.

Friday, September 17, 2010

things i want: draw this story.

"swamp lilies" was this week's contribution to comictwart. thanks for getting me thinking, declan.

thanks also to the ifanboys for including it in their weekly sketch-up.

Friday, September 10, 2010

squirrel girl!

book's been out a couple of weeks now, so i think it's safe to post these: my big time marvel debut! many thanks to lauren sankovitch for throwing me this fun little story written by alex zalben. hopefully the first of many!

many thanks again to lauren and also paolo belfiore and his lovely wife for sweating out new york's hottest weekend to get me reference snaps of columbus circle. wonderful humans all!

also i'll be at the montreal comic-con on saturday (tomorrow!) selling art and stuff. please swing by and give me some money.

Friday, August 27, 2010

rustlin' up bid'niss...

hey all.*

over at bleeding cool they're running a preview of a western short that i drew ages ago (while i should have been working on MYSTERIUS) for michael woods' second OUTLAW TERRITORY anthology at image. it was written by rich johnston and coloured by my MONROE colourist carl peterson. since they're running it in it's full glory over at bleeding cool, i figured you might like to see the stripped down tom fowler unplugged version here.

... and you should buy it and stuff.

* note how i resisted the temptation to write: "howdy" or "hey y'all". (and they say i have no self control...)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

comic twart: lone wolf and cub...

i just twarted this over at the other blog. i scanned it twice both as a greyscale and a bitmap, but couldn't really decide which looked better so i'm attaching them both here.

i used to be a BIG fan of lone wolf and cub... then i had a kid. now, not so much. don't get me wrong it's still beautiful and poetically told masterpiece of comic book tragedy,, grim.

still, fun to draw though.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


this is a commission i mentioned on twitter a while back. so now i'm posting it.


Monday, July 26, 2010

not back from SDCC...

"@tomfowlerbug: just realized that i spent the last day of SDCC killing angels with gay dudes. take that fred phelps. #gamingwithbears #notatSDCC "

... so, yeah, didn't go. haven't been for a few years. strangely though (to me at least), this was the first year since i stopped going that i was left with the feeling that i may have had a good time. i hasten to add that i'm sure i wouldn't have, but i did feel a certain longing.

it's just as possible, though, that that "longing" was born not out of whatever imagined fun-missing was going on, but all the fun-having that took place at the two shows i DID do this summer. both of which i've been very lazy about reporting on. and sooooooooo...


the show started just as every show should: with a lesson in bat sonar from jim ottaviani as he gave me a lift back to where we were staying. i finally met jeff lemire after years of being in the same room and not meeting. had fun talking nerd things with him, as well as with a few fans from the 11 o'clock boards, one of whom (the proud owner of the above) HAD DRIVEN FROM SUDBURY to get to the show!!!! cue impression of gimli describing sudbury ("...and they call it a MINE...").

i was seated next to a number of very sweet 12 year olds who'd put together an anthology book entitled (aptly enough) "the anthology project". seek this book out people. it am beautiful! seek it out if only to relieve my guilt for completely blanking on frequent commenter RAWLS when he introduced himself to me (sorry dude).

much of what i love about TCAF is that it's a festival as opposed to a convention. there is a tangible sense that we're there to celebrate, with each other, with fans, what we do. and that everyone is welcome to celebrate it with us.

a young boy came by the table about midway through the weekend. he very eagerly grabbed at my "NOW PAY ME : commissioned art" book (largely because it's got boba fett on the cover). he looked a bit disappointed that it wasn't in fact a story: "there's no story, just pictures..." his father said and they didn't buy it. there are two reasons why i don't see this as a negative experience/story, indeed, why it's an illustration of why i love TCAF and other shows --festivals-- like it. the first (and most important) because i sold them a copy of the PRINCE OF PERSIA GN two minutes later. the second is because it shows that the kid wasn't there because of some big name celebrity/artist, or some piece of flash, or free buttons, or any of that crap. he was there because he, the kid, loves and wanted to read comics. simple as that. he was disappointed that he couldn't read the story. HE WANTED TO READ!!!


the fact that chris, peter, miles, and everyone else who puts the show together have created a space ---a free space-- where a kid can come and feel entitled to immerse himself in the thing he loves and sample it in a much broader spectrum than would typically be available to him is everything that is good and bright with the world.

plus it's a kid who digs comics, so score!

plus monique and graham had fun at the zoo.


my first year doing this show. i will be back. every year. always.

if it didn't have "con" in the title i'd swear HEROESCON was a festival as well. just a really positive, fun, relaxing show to be at. everyone's friendly and enthusiastic about comics. and that's why they're there... comics. (and to dress up like the cutest storm trooper you ever saw...)

this show started with a mad rush around charlotte looking for jammies, as i'd forgotten to pack any and steve lieber and i were sharing a room with a lady. most of the rest of the show was a blur. i met a lot of wonderful online friends in person, made some new ones, and ate myself into a soul food coma. all of it topped off with all-around awesometastical dude jason latour taking pity on my late-flight-out-on-monday bones and showing me and fellow zombies erika moen and jeff parker around. jason gave jeff the opportunity to get reeeeeeaally southern. like all faulkner-talkin' southern. my my.

dustin harbin and shelton drum put on a fantastic show. and as i said, i will be there as long as they'll have me.

if i haven't already, i want to thank dustin, shelton, peter, miles, chris, and everyone else involved with the smooth running of both shows for EVERYTHING. you keep doing it right... that's an order.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

HEROES CON's a comin'...

i'd held off on this because i wanted to write my round up for TCAF (which was awesome), but alas time got the better of me and it'll have to wait until i get back and do a HEROES CON/TCAF wrap up.

if you're planning on attending HEROES CON please stop by and say hi. i'll be somewhere or other in artist's alley with jeff parker, steve lieber, and a bunch of other nutty folks.

i'll also be sketching and selling copies of my sketchbook (info here).

and now a bunch of commissions and pre-ordered con-sketches. * SPOILER WARNING* if one of them is yours...