Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MAD! pt. 2

here's a recent job for mad kids. you'll have to pick up the next issue (4?) to find out what it's all about. one way or another it was enormously fun to do.

and now in black and white...

mad good.


Anonymous said...

There was a promise of sarcasm. Where is the sarcasm? I need sarcasm.

Feel free to interpret this statement in which ever way you see fit, sarcastic or a desperate plea for help.

tomfowler said...

thank you for your comment, anonymous.

(see, there's your sarcasm)

Otter said...

I agree. Sarcasm was promised. I saw no sarcasm delivery. I am truly, truly disappointed.

tomfowler said...

thanks you, chris. i value your imput.

tomfowler said...

thank you , chris. i value your input .

(i gotta stop responding when i'm drunk.)

Anonymous said...

that is awsome! i wish i was that good. unfortunatly im restricted to insane random crap that nobody is crazy enough to read. lol

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