Wednesday, September 06, 2006

mystery project #1= MAD!!!

...or monroe to be more precise.

that's right four pages a month in MAD magazine from now (meaning today, so go out and buy it, you bastards!!!) til the day i show up at their offices naked and dripping with honey (which they frown on). i'll spare you the dream-come-truery, and just say that i am very, very happy.

see, i can be happy sometimes...

not often, but sometimes...


Shane White said...

Congrats man...I can think of no one better who should uplift that magazine from the humorless dregs that's its succumbed to!


tomfowler said...


you know i work for them, right?

(they could be listenning....);)

Shane White said...

Seriously though, Mad was a big part of my childhood. The artists and writers of that time were all top notch. There wasn't a weak one in the bunch:
George Woodbridge
Paul Coker Jr.
Sergio Aragones
Mort Drucker
Jack Davis
Dave Berg
Don Martin
Al Feldstein
Antonio Prohias
Al Jaffee
Dick DeBartolo

Your stuff harkens back to days gone by while still pushing the medium forward. You're a natural fit. You and Bill Wray man...I'll be watching you guys! :)


tomfowler said...

well, so far as i know bill's riden off into the sunset, but i totally agree with you about the history!!!

i love working on the same book as jack davis!

there's actually somebody out there in internetland with a list of everyone who's worked for MAD ranked by how many times their work's appeared. it's the only time my name's ever likely to rank above frazetta's (if only alphabetically for now...)

Unknown said...

I grew up with MAD. Congratulations to you. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...
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