Friday, October 13, 2006

monroe and tom feister ...?

my interview with the pulse is up.

though, i'm not entirely sure who tom feister is...

here're some other panels from my first instalment that's on sale now...
(why haven't you bought it yet?)

tom feister...

he's probably not even tall...

: tom feister is 5'11".

"the Thomas Feister Affair" UPDATE: HOORAY! i'm me again! ...but earth-2 is dead.


Otter said...

At least people are correcting that in the comments already... :-)

tomfowler said...

problem is: I can't get into the comment section to make fun of it all.

it's really killing me...

tom Feister said...

Dear Tom,

I am 5'11. When standing on an issue of Mad I am 5' 11 3/8.
Best of luck on your new gig.

Tom Feister, inker Ex-Machina

tomfowler said...

thanks, other tom.

i'll do my best to get some more issues of mad to stand on.

together i think we can break 6 feet.

tom Feister said...

I wonder what the world would look like from 6 feet high.
I guess I'll just have to dream.

As long as the checks show up at the right place.
I hope this whole thing made you laugh as much as it did me. Imagine my surprise at my new job.

tomfowler said...

tom, you just have to believe...

as i said above, the only thing that's really irritating me is that i can't get onto the comments section at the pulse to really make fun of it all.

apparently's login is lousy with fowlers.


Anonymous said...

Again, I am so sorry! :)

I wish I could have got back online to fix it! I think it's a Friday the 13th conspiracy! Admit it, one of you is from Camp Crystal Lake, aren't you!

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