Sunday, September 02, 2007

the new normal...

i think it was said best in a recent email to a friend of mine:

"glad to hear you're busy, though. we're a bit busy as well, but in completely different ways. graham may be a fairly easy going little guy, but he's wearing us out. add to that summer colds, deadline pressures for mad and the "goldfish cracker" add that wouldn't fudding die... and it's the perfect storm of sleepy.

you guys totally have to try it!"

so there you go. this will likely be the last baby related posting here at blarg. those interested in the grisly details of new parenthood can read all about it at graham's own blog here. i'm anticipating lots of posts about poop.

there's not much there yet BECAUSE WE'RE TIRED!!!! but there will be soon enough.

once things have calmed down a bit here i'll be posting some more of the self-agrandising drivel that both of my fans have come to expect. including some con sketchs, some planet of the apes stuff (cause you asked for it!), and (fudd it) some green arrow pencils.

that's all for now, kids... i got a diaper to change.

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