Saturday, February 28, 2009

mysterius #5....

i was planning on writing a big nycc/MAD piece filled with lots of pictures and hilarious snark.

but i'm busy.

order #5. that is an order.

ps... speaking of nycc, here's an podcast/interview mr. parker and i did with tucker stone for comixology on the floor of the show... i think we may have been feeling a bit honest that day.


Anonymous said...

hooooo amazing job man that´s cool how you draw yeahh see you later

Henry Chamberlain said...

Hi Tom,

I really enjoyed that interview with Comixology.

I just posted a new review of Mysterius at Newsarama:

I wonder just how much of an a-hole you guys want to make of Mysterius. So far, he just seems very indifferent and selfish, which is bad enough. Anyway, Mysterius and Delfi are fabulous!


Anonymous said...

hooo if only that comic can be here in mexico looks cool

Tucker Stone said...

Tom, you're the fucking man. I've started tracking down some of your Mad stuff since the interview, and it's pretty great. Thanks so much for doing the interview with the site, and thanks even more for not minding that you were being interviewed by a clown.

Larry MacDougall said...

Nice one Tom. I like the way you handled the mask - fun !

tomfowler said...

thanks vicky.

and thank you henry for your article. it was a fun read. (though chesnea's not a zombie... yet.)

and thanks to you too, tucker, for your interview and subsequent articles. we do love the love.

thanks larry.

Anonymous said...

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