Wednesday, December 30, 2009


...or berthday, since i will be spending the day being carried around by a team of midgets while i throw fist fulls of glitter to the sounds of rush's "tom sawyer" (as is the custom in canada).

also here, finally, is the art for the special giveaway poster/print that we're putting together for people who order the MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE tpb through dcbs.

it's getting type and logos and will be signed and numbered by both jeff and me. it will be available for free for the first 250 people to order through dcbs, along with 10 randomly inserted original drawings by me (i'll post those, along with the finished version of the above, a bit closer to the day).

i'd say that was a pretty good deal... wouldn't you?

ps... if you like podcasts where people say awesome things about ME! (...and jeff and mysterius and a couple of other things, i guess...) swing over to the truly awesometastic evie and aaron's awesomed by comics year end awards show.

thanks guys.