Wednesday, January 27, 2010


it's been a couple of weeks, but i thought i'd make some form of official announcement here. i've joined a weekly sketch blog called TWART!. every monday one of our members picks a subject and the rest of us have a week to do something with it. so far it's been a load of fun, but with the likes of:

(in case you hadn't guessed from the above, this weeks was the ROCKETEER)


Garrett Hanna said...

You're a master of ink and brush. This image is absolutely amazing!

Shane White said...

Nice...I feel so left out. :(


P.S. What the hell are the use of jodhpurs anyway? I mean especially with flying.

tomfowler said...

thanks garrett.

shane, they give better lift. also you never kow when you might have to direct gloria swanson in the air.

it's all about being prepared.

shane oakley said...

wow! gosh! holey moley!

the composition, the texture, the monster birds, betty's curves - soooooooo sweet!

Zachary Houle said...
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