Monday, March 22, 2010


i've been doing the rounds lately.

go on and listen to admirable editing works of chris neseman for my ifanboy interview (which ran significantly longer than 17 minutes) and my cameo apperance on the first part of the last record of around comics, and euge ahn for my interview with him and chris sims on war rocket ajax (for which my wife wants me to apologize for all my salty language...)

it's hard, hard work making me sound even half-way coherent, and an excellent job done by both.

i'd also like to thank everyone at the silver snail for my signing last week and the same to everyone who came out to say hi. it was a really good day and i had a lot of fun meeting you all.


Shane White said...

Love this cover, man.


Patrick Dean said...

Gah, I'm loving that Gold Key style cover. You nailed it.

I wish someone would put out a book of painted Gold Key covers.