Sunday, September 25, 2011

"KAMANDI Search+Destroy": a twartist's progress...

... so people seem to think i done good with my KAMANDI twart. i thought you might like to see how i done it. good?

once again, super-big thanks to mitch gerads for doing the letters.

EDIT: and a big thanks also to kyle latino for providing his brand of KRAZY KIRBY KOLOURS to it! awesome stuff kyle!


Bill Dunn said...

If that was a monthly book, I would buy it!

colego.ozannok said...

If that was a monthly book, I would buy it too.

incredible art.nuff said.

Simon MacDonald said...

The art is beautiful Tom. One has to ask why there isn't a monthly Kamadi book. After the success of the strip in Wednesday Comics one would think they would have followed up on it.

I'm looking forward to picking up the Kamadi Vol 1 Omnibus that came out this week.

Firthetic said...

Gorgeous art and colours... And the lyrics work too! This would be great as a print.

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