Monday, December 19, 2011

the Thrilling Adventure Hour: THE POSTER!

just in time for christmas!

a while back i discovered the amazing podcast THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR, a marvellous oddity wherein a bunch of very funny and talented people in los angeles get dressed up and do an old timey radio style stage show. i was hooked immediately.

around that time i tweeted something along the lines of: "i wish there were a thrilling adventure hour comic book so i could, you know, draw it." to my delight less than ten minutes later the creaters of the show, mr. ben acker and mr. ben blacker, contacted me and we started talking about fun things we could do. many months (9?!) later the poster above was born.

big special thanks to the lovely and talented jordie bellaire for the graphic design. please check out my previous post for information about the BIG project we've got brewing.

and also thanks to acker & blacker for being good sports and providing cartoonists with something to listen to at 4 in the morning.

the thrilling adventure hour is available for free on itunes or over at the nerdist network.



Simon MacDonald said...

And I discovered Thrilling Adventure Hour thanks to your tweet. Next up for me on my podcast listening list is #52: Christmas on Mars!

I love this poster of PF Tompkins giving the ole Shemp eye poke to the skull.

DGC2 said...

Brilliant! Now how can we buy it? *Clink!*

tomfowler said...

thanks guys.

acker & blacker will be making it available as a poster over at their site, and i will be making available as a print available for purchase at cons.

Grace | federal posters said...

It's really obvious that your an avid fan of "THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR". You even managed to create a poster of it! LOl=)) really love it!

Solo said...

Thats Gorgeous! I love this show! Great job. Clink. :D