Monday, January 26, 2009

mysterius and wildstorm...

like strawberries and shortcake?

... well, kinda, yeah.

maybe more like rum and coke.

we've been getting a lot of feedback, and so far it's all been really positive (thanks, internet, didn't know you had it in you), but there has been one, slightly curious, thread that keep popping loose in much of the press/reviews/reactions/comments that's got us a wee bit stymied. and that's: "i love the book, but why is it coming out from wildstorm?"

this isn't the first time i've gotten this reaction. back when i was working on caper we got the same thing, and just as the answer back then was: "because bob schreck doesn't work for vertigo," the answer now is: "because that's where ben abernathy is."

simply put: ben called us, those other places didn't (not that i wouldn't mind a call now and again, especially given the current state of things at my day job--- but that's another post). dc/timewarner/whateverthehell does not, in fact, have a giant PLINKO board where the ideas go in at the top and bump their ways down to the various imprints at the bottom. what they do have are some darn sharp editors (some at least) who, when they're given the opportunity, are willing to branch out and commission what they think will be good work regardless of genre.

ultimately neither i nor parker are interested in scolding anyone. that's not the point of this post. what is the point?... crap, i forget. i guess if you like a book you like a book, regardless of whose shelf it's on. i mean that's what we've all been begging for for what seems like forever, right?

so if you see ben abernathy at a con, go give him a hug. he loves hugs.

ps... order mysterius #4.

pps... big thanks to vince bonavoglia and the other guys from the 11 o'clock comics podcast for the love.

ppps... order lots.


Parker said...

See, I suggested readers hand Ben a refreshing pale ale, and you urge them to physically molest him. I will always be Good Cop.

tomfowler said...

hey, i erased the bit about how they should gently squeeze his bum...

Ty Buttars said...

Sometimes I wonder if it is indeed safe to read this blog during work hours. I hope Mr Abernathy has a security detail surrounding him at the NYCC.

P.S. I love John Danby! There is something so fantastically uncanny about him. Some would even say super.

Yup, that is all I've got.

Ty Buttars said...

Oh, and I forgot to add: Hoping all goes well with the day job.

Larry MacDougall said...

Fun imagery.
Fun, fun and Fun !

tomfowler said...

thanks ty. and thanks for the review.

although it's worth pointing out that the book never contained any boobs (just bums that needed to be excised) and it's not john byrne. you weren't the only one who thought so though. it's actually kind of amusing...

thanks larry. i hope it's a little creepy too.