Tuesday, December 08, 2009

new commissions: ra's al ghul and lex luthor...

... and they said i couldn't hide obelix in another post...

the joke in this luthor one is almost painfully subtle. can you tell what it is?*

and once again the grizzle-scazzizzles...

* (hint) he's drinking GREEN tea...


DJ Rothenbecker said...

Its Kryptonite Tea that has killed Superman!!! Very Nice Good Sir!!!

Shane White said...

It's Kryptonite Green Tea...that's it....I figured it out...because that's Superman on the floor and that's a geisha and she's surprised because she didn't remember grinding up rock and steeping it for 15 minutes. So she's surprised.


Geisha. Celestial Krypteanite!

Love these commissions, man! :)


tomfowler said...

yes, but if the tea leaves are grown over several generations in soil laced with kryptonite so that they can absorb its properties but withstand its toxicity AND THEN dried, ground and steeped, it's the perfect effing crime.

isn't it mr. smart-tits?

Larry MacDougall said...

I know it's supposed to be Obelix but I can't help thinking he looks more like an Irish Wolfhound.
Great drawing !

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