Monday, May 14, 2012

ottawa comicon sketches...

just a quick sampling of some of the sketches i did at this last weekend's first ottawa comicon.

despite a couple of very minor birthing pains the show was a great success! big thanks to the organizers and everyone who stopped by and said hi.

(except that one guy...)


Anonymous said...

Hey it´s Freddie Mercury!

Alex M said...

"(except that one guy...)"

Yeah, totally sorry about that. But hey, I re-united you with some of your artwork, if only for a brief period. (though you seem to have something against Jeremy Bulloch!)

Also, haven't forgotten about the contact info I said I'd get for you. I'm just waiting for them to get back to me.


tomfowler said...


not you, alex. another guy.

(you're still a jerk though...)

Alex M said...

So I'm told. But my mom says I'm nice.

Contact info sent, hope you can make use of it.

Danesh said...

Wow these are great! Wish I was there to get one myself!